Strategic, High Value 'Quick Wins' Framework

Astra, Automation Accelerator is a process transformation model comprising a “business due diligence framework” and “automation accelerators” supported by data APIs enabling fast identification, evaluation, and implementation of high-value “quick win” opportunities in the insurance and financial services sectors.

The framework consists of 4 main pillars:

  1. Strategy Alignment:
  2. Defining the process efficiency & automation objectives which are then integrated & aligned with the corporate ambition of the client.

  3. Capability Identification:
  4. Establish strong base by identifying critical business functions and target improvement areas Bring in qualitative & quantitative methodology and analyse key business parameters keeping industry benchmarks in mind.

  5. Immediate Benefits Realization:
  6. Deploy agile plan for quick wins in the short term. Identification of mid to long term initiatives are iteratively identified and defined at this stage.

  7. Long term Benefits:
  8. Quick wins benefits ploughed into mid-long term initiatives that help deploy created assets, resources, and capabilities with minimal investments.

Astra in Action

ASTRA was utilised to automate the employee benefits (health claims) process for a major European insurer. In 2017, this project earned compliments for the Client’s effective technology use. Achievements include automated claims processing, built-in configurable rules engine, multi-channel capability, and a better user experience through graphical user interface. Astra has helped achieve 70% straight through processing of their group claims process.

The framework has been deployed across business functions for multiple clients in Hong Kong, India, Japan, and Indonesia.