Delivering full stack mobile suites across different OS for engaging user experience

With technological advancements, the way we consume data has come a long way. The devices used to access data is moving from desktop-based machines to mobile devices. These come in various form factors and run on multiple operating systems that have been developed especially for these categories of devices. Each of these mobile operating systems (OS) have grown their own ecosystem of native applications that run only on a single OS in addition to the hybrid applications that run on multiple OSs with minor tweaks. Furthermore, most of the websites these days are optimized to run on these mobile devices by adopting a responsive design.

The development team at Synergy is highly skilled and adept at full stack web and mobile development and well-versed in delivering full mobile suite for different OS including Android and iOS. Our developers not only create responsive mobile websites but also design elegant UI/UX that can help deliver the most engaging user experience. Further, to deliver a product complete with all features and functionalities our team helps with integrations with backend databases such as Oracle and MySQL, payment gateways, APIs such as REST and SOAP.


We understand the full stack of mobile technology with our development team who are well-versed in development on all major Mobile platforms mainly Android and iOS. In addition, our team can deliver hybrid applications which are feature-light but easy on maintenance. We understand that in fast-changing technology landscape it is essential to keep pace with the latest technological developments. To deliver feature rich modern applications, we constantly pursue latest frameworks available for front-end as well as back-end development.