Differentiating between IT and Digital Strategy

Corporations around the globe are investing billions of dollars in building their IT infrastructure to launch new touch points and support the plethora of devices in their customers’ hands. However, it is prudent to know the difference between IT strategy & digital strategy, without undermining one for the other. Digital not just encompasses IT but also channels, marketing, products and more. Digital is meant to be a strategy that permeates an organization to create not just a brand but an experience for the end-customer. Leveraging digital technologies allow for improvements in the work place by allowing remote working options, makes product design better through ease of customer feedback and through data analytics makes marketing more aware of the market.

Synergy helps senior executives understand digital. Synergy’s consultants are adept at distinguishing strategy from delivery and help build the same vision for the executives they work with. Depending on the organization’s culture, Synergy is always prepared to support & deliver the promised dream in a quick & agile way or by using the proven transformational route.


We work from the ground-up. We understand the operations and the customer. For us the staff is equal to the customer when building a digital strategy. Adapting to the new way of working is important for the staff as it goes a long way in helping with managing change for the staff. Best of plans are destined to fail if employees are not sold on and geared up to meet the change.

Our technologically sound consultants bring in years of sector experience to ensure firm grounding necessary to build the digital framework. We work closely with IT vendors and in-house IT teams to understand & build the relevant models and functions necessary to build a digitally sound organization.

With technology changing faster than ever before we ensure our clients are ready for on-going and continuous upgrade with minimal disruption. Also, we help build the right structure necessary to leverage different aspects of digital, such as analytics, AI, mobile, social, making them work together and complement each other, than compete.