Dedicated focus to deliver on time & within budgets. Every time.

Projects are exclusive activities that require multiple skills and dedicated focus to ensure successful completion. No wonder it is estimated that more than 50% of the projects across industries tend to move into rough weather without proper governance and management. Further, customer needs immediate change, however, business readiness is slow to define and mature to cater to the Customers needs.

At Synergy, we design, develop and manage programs for our clients across industry lines and functions. With a mature business analysis practice based across locations, we help businesses not just define the needs but conduct market based assessment to ensure clarity on the benefits that can be expected as well. Our Senior Consultants collectively bring more than 200 years of project delivery expertise across industries and across geographies. With our proprietary methodology, we manage all aspects of a project and its governance, from initiation to closure.


Our Consultants work with senior executives to help them find solutions for industry challenges and to convert potential risks to business opportunities. We leverage our global experience to create a best in class achievable strategy. The deep industry knowledge, focused analysis, and proven approaches and methodologies help find creative results for clients.

Further, transformation programs are well delivered only when the 'people' component is well managed. Stakeholders come in varied forms and with different needs, hence, managing communication and dialogue is of key significance. With clear impact assessments across people, process or existing systems, we have guided and managed change for our clients. Timing and messaging are key elements of change and to take 'people' on a long transformation these are bare essentials.