Automation Services that is human centered design for achieving high user engagement

Applying Synergy’s comprehensive knowledge and experience in the BFSI Services industry and Robotics Process Automation, we help our Clients identify suitable areas to Automate and partner with them to refine their process to facilitate an Automation enabled process. We collaborate with our Customer’s business and technology specialists, apply human-centered design and agile delivery techniques. These applications are designed from the outset for self-service, enabling to achieve high levels of user engagement and reduced cost for Service Delivery.

We at Synergy understand this very well and one of our key CORE values is to have LEAN and Modular service offerings to our clients and thereby enable our clients and partners to achieve innovation.

We collaborate with our customers' business and technology specialists, applying human-centered design and agile delivery techniques. This develops applications that are designed from the outset for self-service, achieving high levels of user engagement and enabling reduced cost for service delivery.

We partner with industry proven tools as well as open source technologies to enable the automation services to our customers.


With our diverse range of technical development capabilities that we bring on board, we always aim to deliver a prime user experience, with the single focus of increased customer and staff engagement by designing applications which are easy to use and free from repetitive work, thus enabling staff to focus on high value deliverables. We make design thinking a part of your DNA, ranging from customer and user experience modelling, impact assessment and BCP service assessment. We use agile methods to understand your goals, deliver early, learn and adapt for an evolving design, however, with immediate results.

We ensure that our proposed solutions are well balanced with the enterprise roadmap and latest technologies available, thereby delivering at high speed with limited dependency on in-house IT resources, thereby providing the ultimate competitive cost advantage.